Time to Relax on the off season

Having been jet skiing for many years now I totally understand how it can easily take over your life. A lot of my friends only just about find time for a few family activities and quite often then involve the water and the jet ski in one way or another. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with this but there are certainly other activities and things to do and see in the World, that I do know.

If you are serious about jet skiing you might want to make sure that your off season is filled with sports in order to maintain a good level of fitness for the next season. This may include hitting the gym, running or playing another sport. This is definitely important because it helps in a few ways:

  • A break is necessary in order to refocus on what you are doing and why
  • Time playing another sport can help to address imbalances which you may have
  • Other activities give you a mental break from the stresses and strains of jet ski
  • You can relax and unwind when doing activities that you are not seriously worried about being the best at

So, I highly recommend that you look into getting out there and trying out some different sports this off season. You can fly abroad and go rock climbing, sail a boat or just go cycling with your friends and family.

Active Rest

I can give you an example of what I did on my break. I have always been an active person so I rarely like to sit around at home on my bum all day, but there are times when I do this pretty well…More often than not I like to get out and about being physically active in an outdoor environment. I recently decided that I wanted to give my body a bit of a shock in terms of training but also improve my fitness levels. I had heard a few friends talk about a place called Phuket Bodhi which is great place to get in shape and train. It’s a training camp in Phuket, Thailand.

This is the ideal kind of retreat for me because it helps me stay active but also allows me to visit some great places along the way. There are hundreds of beautiful beaches in Thailand, and especially Phuket, so you are never far away from the next day trip away. Check out this Bid Budha run video to get a taster for what else you can see down in Phuket.


I tried the run one day and it was super tough. It was not possible to run up some of it because it was so steep so we had to walk. There are a few elephant camps on the route up. I’m not a fan of the camps because they often have the elephants chained very tightly to the posts so that they don’t move away and then they don’t feed them enough to keep them healthy.

Anyway, the views from the top are amazing. Great sea views and you feel like you’ve earned them. It is well worth the trip up there if you have the chance. You don’t have to run or even walk up there, you can take a scooter or car. Riding up on the scooter is great but coming back down with two people on it can be pretty challenging. The brakes may not stay in good working order for very long so just be very careful. I remember when we were riding down the hill once and couldn’t stop with the brakes. There were two of us on there, totaling around 200kg in weight so we weren’t small people…

That’s all for this post and good luck in having a look for some new and interesting ideas for your off season training and holidays away. If you have any suggestions, drop me a mail which can be found from the contact page. I removed the comments from these pages because I continually got spammed which was very annoying. I now have over 17,000 comments…Agh!

Jet Ski Off Season