Jet Ski Safety

Riding a jet ski is one of the most exciting experiences you can ever have. Technically an aquatic version of the motorbike, jet skis allow you to race through the surface of the water, zipping, zooming and dodging all obstacles as you please. However, the adage of “it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt” applies heavily in jet skis. In fact, there are tons of jet-ski related incidents in the past like people colliding with other watercraft or running over innocent swimmers. To avoid such incidents, it is best put 5 jet ski safety rules to heart.

Are you putting safety first?

Use the Safety Precautions

A jet ski comes with multiple safety features to ensure that you (and the people around) won’t get hurt as you are driving it. A lanyard is its first feature which attaches you to the handlebar and acts as a kill cord which deactivates the entire craft if you are suddenly dislodged from it. Without it, your craft will continue to operate, hitting anything or anyone in its path. Learn and familiarize the different safety features in your jet ski is a must before you attempt to ride it. Check out the government website for more water sport safety issues.

Wear a Life Jacket

A lot of riders tend to disregard life jackets, citing reasons like it is too tacky to wear, it can leave a bad tan line or that they are confident that they can swim. However, a life jacket can save a person especially if they are dislodged from the craft or get knocked out as the life jacket allows the body to float on the surface. Make it a disciple to wear the life vest as you operate the craft. It can pull you out of dangerous situations in the future for more than once.

Be Alert

It is easy to disregard all objects in your immediate area as you start hurtling through the water in breakneck speeds. However, it is a must that you survey your area to identify its conditions, obstacles and possible dangers. Is the place to shallow? Are there rocks beneath the surface? Are there swimmers nearby? These are a few questions you need to answer to prevent you causing accidents and injuries.

Jet Skis and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Driving a jet ski requires a firm hand and a clear mind which are qualities that you can characterize an intoxicated person with. When planning to ride your Jet Ski, its best to make sure you have not downed a few bottles of alcohol beforehand. Always keep in mind that an inebriated person is a danger to himself and to others, especially if behind the wheel of a fast water craft.

Don’t Be a Show-off

Sometimes it can be too tempting to engage in a race between other watercraft or drive at full speed to a supposed ramp. However, such foolhardy antics can lead to damages to property and injuries as you could be sent flying to the wrong direction or, worse, headlong into other water craft and innocent bystanders. Fight the urge to show off in your jet ski and you can be certain that you would be far from danger as possible.

The jet ski is a nimble craft that will take experience and a lot of common sense to control. Keep these safety tips in mind when operating and you, and the people around you, not suffer heavily as you ride it.

5 Rules on Jet Ski Safety to Remember
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