Jet Ski Motor Maintenance

A jet ski, at its best condition, will be able to let you go through the surface of any water landscape nimbly and quickly. To keep it at its best condition, a jet ski owner must perform regular maintenance on it. The trick here is in identifying what your jet ski needs and the aspect that you should look at to keep the craft in its best condition. We have always found that using a reputable dealer is the best approach for servicing your jet ski, and this company have always been good for us:


A jet ski would always need a thorough washing after every trip to the water to protect its parts and remove any foreign object inside them. Bear in mind that the smallest foreign object inside the parts could hinder its performance and minerals from salt water could leave the machine vulnerable to rust.

Cleaning the Jet Ski


Any car wash would suffice so as long as you make sure the specialists go through every corner of the machine and will use effective car wash products. Once every area of the craft is cleaned, you must then have to perform a flushing. Fortunately, the user manual will give you instructions on how to do it properly.


Any jet ski owner knows that it will not be a good idea to let their craft sit it out in the open when not in use. Proper storage is important in jet ski maintenance and, fortunately, you have several options to choose from as to where you can store your jet ski.

If you plan to store your craft at a shed or garage, make sure that you have enough space inside and that the area is generally cool and dry at all times. When stored properly, your craft will be protected from damaging elements like grime and rust. Also, it pays to check the craft regularly especially in long spells where it is not in use. If the craft will not be used for a long time, you must disconnect the battery and have a one-amp trickle charger ready.

Personal Maintenance

There are several maintenance task that you can perform on the jet ski to prevent mechanical failure. For instance, you can spray the engine and the electrical system with a coat of water dispersal spray to prevent electrical failure or rusting in the engine parts.

Jet Ski Maintenance

In addition, check the parts that are directly in contact with the water like the rotor blades. If you feel that they are considerably rusted, you can either remove the rust with a cleaning agent or have the entire piece replaced immediately. Check also if the mechanical systems are properly lubricated. One telltale sign of lack of lubrication is if they emit high-pitched “squeaking” sounds whenever they move.

The Trailer

Your jet ski’s trailer is an integral part of your tools as this will be the one that will store your craft in transit, launch it into the water and then retrieve it. Check if its important systems like the shocks, wheels, brakes and, ski launch, recovery, and lighting are in a functional order before you even set out for the beach.

Checking every aspect of your jet ski is essential if you want to get more fun out of it. With the proper jet ski maintenance, it is certain that you will have no trouble conquering those waterways with your craft. To get an idea about costs involved in servicing your jet ski, check out this website for more details.

Jet Ski Maintenance: How To Do It Properly