Jet Ski Dangers

As with all sports there are risks involved, but potentially more so when you are using a motorised vehicle to take part in your chosen sport.  When jet skiing, you are going to be zipping across the water at very fast speeds with very little safety wear. More often than not you will not be wearing a safety helmet and are therefore at a higher risk.

My advice would be to always wear a helmet because even hitting the water at a reasonable speed may end up injuring yourself. Another factor to consider is wearing a life jacket. It might feel a little restrictive but it’s crucial that you are able to stay nicely afloat in the water if you fall off and possibly become stranded in the water. The jacket usually has a whistle on it so you can use it to attract attention and it will also have reflective material so that you are more easily seen

Water Obstacles

More often that not you will probably be using a jet ski in waters which are shared with swimmers, divers and snorklers in the sea. At these times you must be aware of other people in the water as they can be hard to spot, especially if it’s a sunny day with the reflection of the sun on the water. If you hit someone with a jet ski at speed there is a high chance that they will be seriously hurt.

You should make sure you are aware of Where the designated area is for riding the jet ski before you set off so that you don’t get into any trouble. You should also note that if you are found to be driving dangerously and cause someone an injury it may be considered your fault and you could face prosecution as a result.

Some jet ski information sites recommend leaving at least 300 feet from the nearest other jet ski or boat on the water. This may seem a little excessive but at the speeds people go on them it can shorten the gap between the two vessels very quickly.


If you have your own jet ski you should definitely consider getting good insurance for it because you may find yourself in a position where you have an accident and cannot afford to repair the damage. In addition to that, you should be thinking about anyone that you accidentally hit…This may seem like a very unlikely event, and hopefully it never happens to you, but you have to think about the consequences should it happen to you and you have no cover to protect you.

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Is Jet Skiing Safe?