Jet Ski Buying Guide

A jet ski is a more specific name for a type of personal watercraft, but within the jet ski category there are also different types that you can have. Today we will look at them to give you the low down on what they are and why you would want them.

Main Types of Jet Ski

Jet skis are gas powered forms of transport which are used for both business and pleasure. For business, many people have them to use for getting around quickly in the sea or across small distances over many types of water. For pleasure they can be used for playing around in the water and oftentimes people hire them out at beach resorts for fun. You’ll also find them on the backs of large yachts to allow the people on them to get to shore or just fool around on the jet ski in the water.

Two Types of Jet Ski

There are two main types:

  1. Solo Jet Skis
  2. Sport Jet Skis

Solo jet skis are, as the name implies, for single riders and the rider must be standing in order to operate it. They are mainly used for racing and sports on the water rather than as a cruising vehicle on longer distances and for more passengers. On the other hand you have sports jet skis which have seating for 1 to 4 people and are used for many purposes, as described above.

With both types there are many options for engine size and fully customization options for the specification of the jet ski. There are numerous manufacturers out there who produce jet ski vessels so there are a lot of options available to you.

Most jet skis can go between 15 and 60 mph, which is mainly a result of the engine size. A larger engine results in a higher top speed.

Types of Jet Ski to Buy

Solo Jet Skis – Mentioned above, these are single person stand up machines which are used mainly for performing stunts and racing because they offer the most control but are not that comfortable on a longer journey because you have to ride them standing up at all times, although you could actually kneel down, too.

Sports – These vessels have a seat so can carry someone more comfortably sitting down, but they are still usually for a single person to ride on. They tend to be built for cornering ability and speed so they require good control, which is similar to the solo jet ski.

Two Seater – These are aimed at those wanting a bit of fun but also the comfort of a more stable machine. They have increased stability but therefore lose a bit of maneuverability.

3-4 Seaters – Because they are designed to carry more passengers and weight they are very stable and longer, meaning that they won’t corner as sharply or be as quick to accelerate. They are designed for more comfort rather than speed.

Hopefully that has given you guys something to think about and some a bit of a background into exactly what different types of jet ski there are out there. This was intended to cover the basics of jet skis, what they are, the different types and why you would want one over another type.

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Types of Jet Ski