Jet Ski on Trailer

Owning a jet ski is quite a cool thing to do, as it’s lots of fun, but there are some mistakes that you can make when trying to buy one. In today’s post I am going to cover a few of the basics about what mistakes to avoid.

New or Old – If you are new to the sport and still learning the ropes you should definitely buy an older machine because otherwise you might find that you damage it and if you’ve just paid out thousands of pounds for a new piece of kit you are probably going to be very unhappy about it.

Jet Ski on WaterHow Many Riders – You can get a variety of different types of machine which are suitable for 1 to 3 people. Make sure that you get the right one because if you find yourself wanting to run a few people around when you have a single seater that could become a bit of a problem

How Heavy – Think about the weight of the jet ski that you are going to buy. Buying a light one is necessary if you are going to be lugging it around to a lot of places and will be doing a lot of the moving on your own. If you get a really heavy one it’s going to be quite difficult to get around on it effectively.

Cornering – If you are looking for a nimble machine make sure that you get a shorter jet ski because the seemingly small different in length can have a large impact on cornering ability and maneuverability.

Maintenance Costs – These can really add up if you aren’t careful. There should be a warranty included if you purchase one new so check through the details of that and see what it covers. Servicing  costs can add up so factor that in before you buy one. You might be able to service it yourself but if you are used to working on a car this is not necessarily going to be the same kind of work that you’ll be doing on a jet ski.

Jet Ski Accessories – When you have your jet ski delivered you need to make sure you have a trailer for it. It may sound silly but a lot of people don’t consider this and end up with a jet ski and they don’t have anywhere to put it….Also, you’ll need to think about getting a decent cover for it to keep it well protected and clean in the different weathers.

In Summary…Buying a jet ski is not an easy decision to make because there are lots of factors to consider. You should definitely think about exactly what you are doing and if you want all the features a particular model has to offer and where you will be riding the jet ski. If you are buying your first one then you are very likely to want to change particular aspects of the jet ski, wishing you had certain features and realising that you don’t need other ones. So, I would say that you shouldn’t spend too much money on your first one.

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Tips for Buying a Jet Ski